Utilities: Bell Canada – MH Investigations

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Project Details

  • Locations:
    Stratford, ON
  • Windsor, ON

  • Client:
    Bell Canada

  • Completion:
    February, 2016

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue) completed Bell Manhole investigations for Bell Canada (Bell).  The manholes required inspection to determine possible cable congestion and cracks in manhole walls.  T2ue’s investigation involved Photo Documentation, Chamber Inspection and Lidar Inspection.

Confined Space Entry (CSE) involved T2ue’s highly trained crews with up to date fall protection equipment, gas monitors, respiration equipment and other required confined space entry equipment. Confined space entry was required to obtain inside chamber information that was not available from the surface due to offset features, excessively deep chambers, or visual obstructions that are specific to each chamber. Confined space entry was based on site specific requirements and the information gathered was specific to the project requirements.

An “Ultra-high Speed Laser Scanner” was utilized to investigate the manhole from the surface without entry. A scaled 3D image was created and measurements were taken from it. The performance of the equipment includes scanning up to 500,000 points per second up to a distance of 79m while collecting a “Point Cloud” which is analyzed using the manufacturer’s software. Measurement accuracy is 6 mm on measurements up to 25m. The laser is fully functional between full sunlight and total darkness.
T2 Utility Engineers Inc. performed the manhole investigations in accordance with the Bell manhole inspection procedures and standards.

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