Utilities: Enbridge Finch West 30″ XHP Pickline Design

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Project Details

  • Location:
    Toronto, ON

  • Client:
    Enbridge Gas Distribution

  • Completion:

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue) was selected by Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) to provide pick-line and drafting services as part of the Finch West LRT project. The project is 7.8km in length, from Kipling Avenue westerly along Finch Avenue to Keele Street. After several track and design iterations, it was determined that Enbridge’s 30” XHP and 12” HP/IP gasmains at four locations would have to be relocated. The approximate length of the relocation of the gasmains for this project was 3.9km. The area of the relocation included; 16 surface stops, a below-grade terminus stop at Humber College, and an underground interchange station (Keele Street and Finch Avenue West) at the TTC’s Finch West Subway Station, and underground public/private utilities.

As part of the Technical Advisory team, T2ue coordinated with the Enbridge design team to finalize the exact limits of the relocations required, evaluated data, was involved with Enbridge’s consultation with MX, and determined appropriate alignments for the relocations. T2ue provided options for Enbridge to review and evaluate and made suggestions regarding additional investigations required – i.e. geotechnical, test holes, property as well as provided suggested alignments and made recommendations for next steps.

T2ue established the following key tasks to aid in the relocation design; participation in continuous value engineering sessions with team leads to refine design and construction approaches to minimize utility impacts, led meetings with all utilities to gain understanding on internal processes, requirements, relocation scopes and scheduling practices, and integrated those processes into a successful project execution strategy. T2ue worked with EGD design and construction teams to ensure conceptual relocation strategies were unified with the overall construction execution strategy.

Two of the NPS 30 XHP gas mains (320m, 360m) have been completed and the third relocation (200m) is currently underway. The last relocation is the longest (2320m) and is scheduled to start construction early 2018, finishing by December 2018.
T2ue’s role in this project required a thorough approach to ensure that relevant information was available to EGD to help with the decision process for the relocation of the gasmains. This ensured the relocation could be completed in the most timely and cost effective manner.

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