Wastewater: Gilbert Street Trunk Sanitary Sewer

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Project Details

  • Location:
    Richmond, BC

  • Client:
    AECOM / Metro Vancouver

  • Completion:

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue), formerly TSH/TBE, was hired by AECOM / Metro Vancouver to complete a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation for the replacement of the existing Gilbert Trunk Sewer.

The investigation was completed in two phases. The first phase of the field investigation focused on designating the horizontal location of the utilities in the project area. The second phase of the investigation focused on completing test holes in key areas. The purpose of the investigation was to identify the location of the existing underground utilities in order to facilitate the replacement of the Trunk Sewer. The investigation was successful in confirming and further refining the location of the existing utilities, as well as identifying some features that were not shown on the existing record drawings.

The final product of the investigation is a composite utility drawing produced as per the ASCE Standard 38-02.  The drawing accurately depicts the location of the underground utilities at the various quality levels.  The information can be referenced directly into the project design drawings. The information gathered by the SUE investigation was a definite asset in the design stage of the project.

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