Glenwood, MA Cemetery Investigation- Civil & Spanish American War Sections

Street with utility designation markings and a repaired non-destructive utility test hole

Project Details

  • Location:
    Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

  • Client:
    Glenwood Cemetery, Massachusetts, USA

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers performs advanced geophysical investigations to identify potential burial sites

To provide the client with planning information, T2 performed a subsurface geophysical investigation at the Glenwood Cemetery in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. T2’s team of experts utilized dual-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) to image two sections of the cemetery from the historic Civil War and the Spanish-American War era.

Ground penetrating radar is a wave-based electromagnetic geophysical method that detects interfaces between subsurface materials possessing varying electrical (dielectric) characteristics. Using electromagnetic pulses in the radio spectrum (radio waves), GPR can safely show designers, engineers, and general contractors what lies below the surface without excavation, which can include gravesites, soil backfilled areas, buried pipelines, utilities, tanks, and other buried debris.

In addition to imaging the two sections, T2:

  • Collected GPR background data at known burial locations
  • Performed final data analysis and interpretation
  • Prepared a final report summarizing results of the GPR investigations

The GPR investigation was effective in identifying potential burial site locations. The Spanish-American Era section resulted in more comprehensive data, due to the age difference and composition of caskets when compared to the Civil War Era section. This investigation was successful in helping the client to make planning decisions regarding the cemetery.

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