Transit: Hagerman Grade Separation

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Project Details

  • Location:
    Markham, ON

  • Client:
    TSH / Aecon

  • Completion:

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue), formerly TSH/TBE, completed a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation for the TSH / Aecon design build team for the Hagerman Diamond – Rail to Rail Grade Separation project.
The project owner for the design/build assignment is GO Transit. The purpose of the project was to produce a grade separation at the Hagerman Diamond, and lower the Uxbridge Line under the York Line. Due to the proximity to 14th Avenue, the Uxbridge line was also lowered under 14th Avenue. In total a trench approximately 1.6 km long was installed to accommodate the new track configuration.
The project had a huge impact on the existing utilities in the area, and as the need for accurate utility information was paramount. The scope of the SUE investigation expanded as the project evolved. Originally the investigation started with records research over the project area, some designating in key areas and a limited number of test holes. As the design for the project evolved and additional critical areas were identified the extent of the designating and the number of test holes increased.
In addition to mapping the utilities, T2ue also completed the difficult task of coordinating all the utility relocations that were required to accommodate the project. There were approximately $15 Р$20 million dollars in utility relocations required for the project.
The investigation was successful in confirming and further refining the location of the existing utilities in the area, as well as identifying some features that were not shown on the existing record drawings.
T2ue identified several utilities that could have had a major impact on the overall project schedule had they not been identified early in the process. The ability to complete both the utility mapping and utility coordination was a huge benefit to the project.

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