Highways: Hwy 417 Widening – Ottawa

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Project Details

  • Location:
    Ottawa, ON

  • Client:
    Ministry of Transportation

  • Completion:
    February, 2012

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers completed a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) mapping investigation for the Ministry of Transportation for the widening of Highway 417 between Nicholas Street and the 174 split in Ottawa.

In January 2011 the first phase of the project was initiated in order to obtain available utility record information. Some information was provided by MTO and other information was requested from the utility companies by T2ue.

The second phase was to map the horizontal alignment of conductive utilities, using various geophysical technologies, within the investigation area. Once the second phase was completed potential conflict areas were identified through meetings with MTO, their consultant and the City of Ottawa.

Phase three included obtaining invert measurements to determine the depth of sewers, confined space entries to collect water chamber information and test holes to determine depth of utilities.
The final product of the investigation is a composite utility drawing produced as per the CI/ASCE Standard 38-02 and referenced into the base drawing provided by MTO. The drawings accurately depict the location of the underground utilities at the various quality levels. The information was then referenced directly into the project design drawings.

The investigation was successful in confirming and further refining the location of the existing utilities, as well as identifying some features that were not shown on the existing record drawings. This information provided the design consultants with confidence in their design process.

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