Airports/Ports: Port Metro Vancouver – South Shore Redevelopment

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Project Details

  • Location:
    Vancouver, BC

  • Client:
    AECOM / Port Metro Vancouver

  • Completion:
    July, 2012

Project Highlights

T2 Utility Engineers completed a Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) mapping investigation in accordance with CI/ASCE 38-02, for AECOM/ Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) along the south shore corridor in Vancouver between Heatley Avenue and McGill Street formed by the roadways of Centennial Road, Stewart Street, Commissioner Street, intersection of Commissioner Street and New Brighton Road as well as the intersection of Commissioner Street and McGill Street. The total area covered by the investigation was approximately 4,000 linear metres in length.

The first phase of the field investigation focused on designating the project area to map the horizontal alignment of utilities within the project area. The focus was to determine if there were any utilities in conflict with the roads reconstruction and pillars supporting the structure of the overpass design. Invert and top of pipe measurements were taken at key sewer locations (manholes and catch basins).

The second phase of the field investigation was to determine the vertical alignment and depth of utilities at key locations by installing test holes. The test hole locations were identified by AECOM. In addition to the initial phases of the investigation additional sonding and CCTV investigations were necessary. A composite CAD drawing was completed in AutoCADD format highlighting the information gathered from the investigation.

The investigation was successful in confirming and further refining the location of the existing utilities. The test holes provided information regarding depth, pipe size and material on the utilities which was critical in determining the utility impacts on the project.

Photo – Courtesy of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

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