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Staff Promotions

Matt Bourgeois, Craig Snyder, Blaine Hunt, and Ophir Wainer were all promoted to new positions recently. Kristin Miller and Cody Thompson were hired at our Golden, CO office.

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Design for Construction Safety – Existing Utilities appendix

The content below was written by Jim Anspach, P.G. (r), Dist.M.ASCE as the Existing Utilities appendix for a paper being developed by ACEC’s Risk Management Committee, “Design for Construction Safety: A Review of Risks and Challenges for Design Professionals”. The full paper will be posted on ACEC’s web site in the near future.

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There is a lot to know about Subsurface Utility Engineering, surveying and utility investigation. We are very engaged in organizations that promote and develop the Utility Engineering and Surveying industry. Our professionals speak at events across Canada and the US and are in leadership roles in many organizations. We are proud to develop standards and manuals of practice that set the bar for expectations for SUE, survey, and geophysical investigations. We share our expertise and insights through in-person meetings, conference presentations, events, and webinars. Please join an upcoming event or listen to a recorded webinar. Contact us if you have any questions.

Integrating CCTV into SUE – Best Practices – Canadian focused event

This session focuses on the benefits that CCTV data provides to SUE investigations. Project examples highlight the variety of equipment, range of use and integration of CCTV data into SUE deliverables as best practices and lessons learned are discussed.

Integrating CCTV into SUE – Best Practices

December 11, 2020, from 12-1 Eastern, Presented by Ser DaSilva and Ophir Wainer
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Recorded Events:

We are happy to provide access to some of our education sessions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to request a customized presentation to address the needs of your project or team. We’re here to help.

3D Modeling Part 2: Defining Project Scope and Case Study – Presented by Corey Biddle and Michael Picha, PLS on 11.10.2020

3D Modeling Part 1: Overview - 3D Models for Subsurface Utility Engineering Investigations – Presented by Blaine Hunt on 9.15.2020

Utility Process Management for Infrastructure Projects – presented by Jim Anspach on 7.16.2020

Utility Coordination for P3 Projects – presented by Lawrence Arcand on 6.30.2020

Minimizing Utility Issues on Public Agency Projects – presented by Jim Anspach on 4.7.2020

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