Telecom Design

T2 Utility Engineers has the professional engineers, technicians and field personnel available to offer a full range of telecom design services completed to the client, municipal, or CSA standards. Our expertise includes design, project management, survey, CAD and inspections of aerial and underground structures. We offer a diverse range of services which can be bundled together to provide a turnkey delivery or offered individually as required.

T2 Utility Engineers’ Design Services are complemented by our expertise in Utility Coordination and Subsurface Utility Engineering.

Aerial Engineering – Pole line engineering in accordance with national and provincial legislation and regulations, and utility standards.

Inspection – Our inspection crews are experienced with completing detailed chamber inspection revisions.

Underground Systems – Design of underground systems including, route selection, conduit/ structures, chambers, directional bore, specialty crossings including; highway corridors, waterways, pipeline and electrical transmission corridors, bridges and associated permits and municipal approvals.

Pairing design with T2’s SUE mapping may save you from expensive permitting and construction delays due to unforeseen conflicts in the field. We also provide proposed plant layout for construction including pole and trench line staking. T2 also provides as-constructed mapping to the CSA S250 standard.

Survey – Our survey team offers a complete suite of services including; pole surveys, topographic surveys, including the use of 3D laser imaging. We can produce a full report, which will identify ideal conduit entry locations, structural condition, and recommendations to repair or replace as required. Our CCTV team can complete conduit inspections to locate blockages and damage in telecom conduits. Our construction inspectors inspect aerial plant including post construction verification and certification for third party attachments for provincial regulation compliance.

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