Utility Coordination

Photo of utility coordination on Front Street project.

The presence of Utilities is typically one of the biggest risks to a project’s overall success. T2 Utility Engineers can manage all of your project’s risks by providing one central contact for all Utility Coordination (UC) efforts. Our professionals can manage the project’s utility relocations by negotiating design adjustments and minimizing relocation requirements.

T2ue’s team of Utility Engineers and Technicians come from a diverse background within the utility industry. This background and knowledge in utility planning, design, project management and construction are used to minimize the unique risks associated with utility infrastructure on your project.

T2ue Utility Coordinators sat on the committee which helped write the national guidelines for Utility Coordination and we use these fundamental principles on all of our projects – “TAC Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations”.

T2ue processes can save your projects from potential delays and cost overruns due to utilities. Our proven approach has been used successfully on billion-dollar infrastructure projects as well as local municipal and development projects.

Our focus on every project is accuracy and completeness. We like to build our investigations on a solid foundation so we always recommend having mapping information as per ASCE 38 to compliment the UC process. Our UC team, along with the SUE group, can provide the most accurate and complete information when working together as a team.

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