TAC Guideline for the Coordination of Utility Relocations

Published in 2016, these guidelines are designed to be used as a template that public agencies can refer to for developing a process for the coordination of utility relocations. For those agencies with existing processes, it can be reviewed as a best practices document, ensuring that all key aspects are covered and consistent practices are followed. For those without an existing process, this can be a base document used to develop a manual for agency specific situations.

T2ue staff are currently sitting on the committee writing the new Guideline for the Coordination of Utilities on PPP projects.

T2 Utility Engineers see the guideline as being a pivotal document that will help to enhance industry understanding of the importance of Utility Coordination, and particularly the role of the Utility Coordinator in urban infrastructure projects.

To order a copy of the guideline free of charge from the TAC website, please click here.

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