Benefits of SUE

A properly planned and executed SUE investigation provides many benefits to the project owner including fewer project delays and lower overall project costs. Having reliable utility information allows the project designers to make informed decisions resulting in the following potential benefits:

  1. Reduced project delays and costs caused by waiting for utility relocation work to be completed;
  2. Reduced project delays and costs caused by waiting for redesign when construction cannot follow the original design due to unexpected utility conflicts;
  3. Reduced delays to contractors during construction caused by damaging or discovering utility lines that were not known to be present in the project area;
  4. Reduced number of conflicts and relocations because the designer has the ability to design around utilities when feasible;
  5. Allows for cost and schedule certainty related to the utilities on capital projects.

Three different studies have been carried out to investigate the benefits of using a SUE investigation at the design stage of construction projects.

Read more about these studies in the SUE studies section.

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