SUE Articles

Ontario Professional Surveyor
Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Locating: What’s the Difference?,  Summer 2018

YDig? NASTT BC Chapter
Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Locating: What’s the Difference?, 2018

Tunnels and Tunnelling
SUE / Insight, June – July 2018

Trenchless Technology
Understanding SUE, June 2018

Routes & Transports – AQTR
Innovations in Mapping Underground Infrastructure on LRT Projects, Spring 2018

The Locator – CAPULC
Subsurface Utility Engineering and Utility Locating: What’s the Difference?, March 2018

Canadian Underground Infrastructure
June 2016

Ontario Professional Surveyor
A Presentation on Managing Utility Risks at the 124th AOLS AGM in London, Summer 2016

Canadian Business Journal
June 2016

ReNew Canada
Engineered Against Flooding, February 2015

Canadian Underground Infrastructure
Smart Sustainable Planning Starts with SUE, May-June 2014

Trenchless Technology
SUE: It’s Not Just Utility Mapping, June 2014

Ear to the Ground
Spring 2013 (PDF/163kb)

Civil Engineering Surveyor
November 2012 (PDF/207kb)

APEGBC Article
Sept/Oct 2011 (PDF/1.4mb)

Ear to the Ground Article
Spring 2011Airport Improvement Magazine
November 2008 (PDF/5.2mb)

Daily Construction News
October 2008 (PDF/69kb)

The Military Engineer
December 2007 (PDF/1.7mb)

Power Engineering
September 2007 (PDF/325kb)

ReNew Canada
Jan/Feb 2006 (PDF/1.2mb)

Construction Comment
September 2005 (PDF/1.34mb)

Canadian Civil Engineer
Spring 2005 (PDF/2.05mb)

Trenchless Technology
December 2004 (PDF/2.00mb)

The Ontario Land Surveyor
Summer 2004 (PDF/1.27mb)

Engineering Dimensions
May / June 2004 (PDF/2.88mb)

Underground Focus Magazine
Fall / Winter 2003 (PDF/573kb)

The Road Builder
Fall / Winter 2003 (PDF/2.64mb)

The Underground
Spring / Summer 2003 (PDF/1.75mb)

Milestones Article
February 2002 (PDF/2.5mb)

Road Talk
November 2004 (PDF/2.96mb)

Journal of Construction Engineering & Management
March/April 2004 (PDF/288kb)

Photo – Courtesy of Christine Hogenkamp.

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