Caloosahatchee River C-43 Reservoir Construction Survey & Monitoring

The construction of a dam created from a two-cell reservoir covering approximately 9,000 acres with a total storage capacity of approximately 170,000 acre-feet.

Approximately 16.3 miles of perimeter dam and 3 miles of separator dam are part of the construction. T2 Utility Engineers was retained as a subconsultant to provide baseline surveying data and expertise as well as UAV (drone) aerial services to independently verify the quality and progress of the construction contractor and to provide monitoring information.

T2 Utility Engineers providing field survey and UAV data collection for the first year of the project, including:

  • Establish a baseline LiDAR mapping and imagery for future construction activity; signed and sealed professional survey report, with digital images / horizontal and vertical position for each target point.
  • Dam foundation topographic surveys as construction contractor completes excavation to prepare the foundation of the proposed dam. Each 500’ segment will be inspected and surveyed as completed, prior to filling the dam. Topo elevations showing 3D digital surface will be completed using UAV photogrammetric mapping technology, stored as a backup file. The quality control team will verify the segment foundation area meets or exceeds the design dam footprint requirements.
  • This information was used to compute overall volume of material in dam foodprint.

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