Colorado I-25/CO 94 Corridor & Safety Enhancement

I-25 is the major North/South interstate through Colorado, which has a long history of congestion and safety issues due to the increased growth of CO. Colorado launched the I-25 Corridor enhancement project in 2020, with two major projects- I-25 South Gap and I-25 North to add express lanes, replace aging bridges, add bus slip ramps, as well as other enhancements, like deer fencing and wildlife overpasses.

These are the first major highway construction projects that CDOT released where Subsurface Utility Engineering was required as part of project design. In 2019 T2ue was selected by CDOT to perform Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) based on our long-standing specialization in Utility Engineering and our history of providing high-quality utility investigations and deliverables across Colorado and across the US.

I-25 South is from Monument to Castle Rock (18 miles) CDOTs longest construction project
I-25 North is two segments; from Mead to Ft Collins (6 miles) and from120th St. to E- 470

Due to I-25 being one of the most highly trafficked routes in Colorado, T2ue often worked at night and mobilized additional field crews to minimize lane closure and impacts on commuters, as well as to accelerate the project timeline.

In addition to high traffic, these roadways and right-of-ways have a high level of utility congestion. For example, in the Phase 1 investigation of the I-25 North segment, our crews identified more than 250,000 linear feet of utilities within 3 miles of roadway. These utilities were mapped in accordance with the ASCE 38 Standard, using their achieved quality level to depict the certainty of the locations.

The completion of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) investigation provided CDOT and the design team with accurate identification of utility conflicts and helped manage utility relocations, saving time and money, while improving job-site safety.

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