Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Extension Design-Build

T2ue provided an integrated approach to Subsurface Utility Engineering services to support the Dulles Corridor Metrorail extension.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority managed the extension of the Metrorail to the Dulles International Airport, which was completed in 2014 and added 25 percent additional rail line to the existing Metrorail system. T2 Utility Engineers provided an integrated approach to Subsurface Utility Engineering services to support this complex, multi-faceted project.

The route for this heavy transit project through heavily developed industrial and urban areas, encountered nearly every utility that supports one of the largest commercial areas in the United States. To facilitate a smooth construction process, we provided preliminary utility coordination services and ongoing monitoring for fiber optic networks, gas, water and wastewater systems (with multiple owners) as well as underground power, phone and Federal Government ICT systems.

The Dulles Corridor Metrorail extension was one of the most challenging projects ever undertaken in North Virginia as the numerous underground utilities required precise measurement and positioning.

The T2ue team provided SUE expertise in three phases. The first consisted of detailed research and assessment of records gathered from multiple sources. The second involved horizontal mapping of all existing utilities, and the third was the completion the exact horizontal and vertical location of subsurface utilities using test hole services.

T2ue provided detailed utility records research, designating and test holes for 23 miles of Metrorail line along the Dulles Access Road, Route 123 and Route 7, involving 400,000 linear feet of designating and more than 800 test holes. Our team identified specific utility coordination priorities early on in this large design-build project, successfully avoiding any costly utility conflicts.


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