Georgia Pacific Capital Improvements – SUE & Survey MSA

Industrial facilities and large plants often have older infrastructure and utility records data that may be less than optimal for future plant expansion, maintenance and retrofits.

Georgia Pacific, being focused on safety at their facilities, recognized the need for reliable utility investigation data to verify the precise horizontal and vertical location of underground utilities. T2 Utility Engineers provides ongoing expertise in utility locating and mapping to provide reliable data that reduced utility-related risk for Georgia Pacific’s capital improvement projects under a Master Services Agreement.

Palatka Mill Pipeline Replacement and Lime Kiln Gas Conversion:

For these two projects; a new effluent pipe line from the existing plant to treatment ponds and a new high pressure gas line and pipe rack facility; required topographic surveys to include reliable, high quality above ground and subsurface utility data to confirm the location of existing utilities along the proposed route. T2 Utility Engineers was contracted to provide the topographic survey and to designate subsurface utilities to ASCE Quality Level B standard across the entire project footprint. To confirm the precise horizontal and vertical position of identified utilities at potential points of conflict with the design, ASCE Quality Level A locating was performed. T2ue used non-destructive vacuum excavation to complete these Quality Level A test holes for utility verification. In providing the topographic and utility survey, T2ue utilized the Georgia Pacific Palatka Mill plant coordinate system to allow the project deliverables to drop into Georgia Pacific’s existing plans and GIS database for use in the design and to update their records for future projects.

Monticello Mississippi Mill Expansion:

Georgia Pacific was expanding the existing infrastructure at the Monticello Mill to include a new building and overhead piping and electrical pipe racks. T2 Utility Engineers performed a 3D topographic/DTM survey for the design of the facilities and performed ASCE Quality Level B designating of the subsurface utilities within the topographic survey limits to identify potential utility conflicts with the proposed design. To confirm the location of support piles on an existing building next to the construction site, T2ue also used non-destructive vacuum excavation test holes to uncover and accurately survey the horizontal and vertical position of the support piles. The 3D topographic/DTM and subsurface utility survey data was integrated into Monticello Mill’s coordinate system for use in the design and plant GIS database.

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