Lake City Veterans Administration Medical Center Campus Utility Mapping

T2 Utility Engineers helped the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center in Lake City complete a major step in updating the mapping and management of their underground utility information.

Existing VA as-built utility records were thorough; however, they were in blueprint form and hanging from sticks on racks. The VA had drawings that indicated the approximate location of chill water, hot water, communications, natural gas, potable water, purified water, street lighting and sanitary sewer within the 20-acre complex. Some drawings dated back to the 1960s.
T2 Utility Engineers was selected to provide Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) designating and testholes to ASCE Quality Levels B and A, to map the horizontal and vertical position of underground utilities within the 20-acre complex. The SUE field data was added to survey information that T2ue prepared, including the location of buildings, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and other structures. This data was used to create a MicroStation electronic file to replace the hanging blue print files in the records room. The resulting MicroStation file shows the different types of underground utilities in separate layers, such as buried electric, allowing single or multiple utilities to be depicted and updated with future facility improvements within the 20 acre campus. This was a major step forward for the planning and management of the facility.

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