Salt River Project Utility Locating On-Call

T2ue’s long-term partnership with the Salt River Project Authority is contributing to the safe and stable delivery of power and water to metropolitan Phoenix.

The Salt River Project (SRP) has delivered power and water to metropolitan Phoenix for more than a century. It consists of two separate entities: the public Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, and the privately-held Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association.

The Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District provide electricity to more than 900,000 retail customers in the Phoenix area. It operates or participates in the operation of 11 major power plants as well as other forms of power generation including thermal, nuclear, gas, and hydroelectric.

The Salt River Valley Water Users’ Association delivers nearly one million acre-feet of water per year to central Arizona, via an extensive water delivery system consisting of reservoirs, canals, wells, and irrigation laterals.

In 2000 T2 Utility Engineers was commissioned to provide daily specialized utility locating and designating – preparing 25-30 utility test holes and 7,000 linear feet of designating each day to keep SRP projects on track.

Working as the Salt River Project Authority’s valued partner through their modernization process, T2ue is assisting with the removal of overhead power lines and relocating them underground as well as replacing old electric cables.

To facilitate this work, the T2ue team designates utilities by area so Salt River Project crews can easily identify the new trench route. Any utility conflicts crossing the new trench routes are located using our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks.

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