Sandy Springs City Center

T2 provides Utility Engineering and Surveying services to the City of Sandy Springs to facilitate the construction of the Master Plan to enhance the quality of life and promote economic development for residents.

The City of Sandy Springs City Center Master Plan aimed to enhance the quality of life, promote economic development and strengthen the sense of community in the City.

Phase I Implementation included a new civic/cultural center that would function as a place of community activity and identity. Comprehensive infrastructure to support the City Center, including walkable streets, storm water, traffic flow, transit services, cycling facilities, parking, utilities and signage, was included in the plan. 

T2 Utility Engineers was awarded a master contract for the City Center Phase I Utility Location Project. While considered a utility contract, this award also included verifying and establishing a control network tied to the State Plane Coordinate System for Georgia and the National Geodetic Vertical Datum. A property access notification letter was mailed to all involved. The topographic data included property corners, existing buildings, trees and ground surfaces within the defined limits. It also included verifying data previously collected by the City and integrating everything into one cohesive survey database.

The subsurface utility investigation included the designation (ASCE Quality Level B) and survey of subsurface and above-ground utilities within defined limits.

As a result, T2 developed geographic information system (GIS) plans that met the City’s needs. The GIS documents were compliant with Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) EDG deliverable standards and guidelines for Quality Level B subsurface utility engineering.

In January 2013, the Sandy Springs City Council approved plans for the City Center Master Plan to proceed.

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