University of Texas – SUE for Dallas campus

As part of the University of Texas’ renovation and construction projects on multiple campuses, T2ue provided Utility Engineering services and delivered subsurface utility information that allowed for utility management and mitigation early in project design. Thorough utility investigations streamline the design process and improve project constructability by reducing utility risk.

On the University of Texas at Dallas Campus in Richardson, Texas, T2ue staff worked as a subconsultant to provide Subsurface Utility Engineering services. The scope of work included records research, field utility designating (ASCE 38-02 Quality Level B) and locating (ASCE 38-03 Quality Level A) utility test hole excavation, with the objective of finding and mapping the horizontal and vertical alignment of existing facilities at the site of the UT Dallas School of Management, the parking structure, and CLEP buildings. The scope of the utility investigations included provisions to locate existing utilities. Known utilities included water, underground electric, telecommunications and storm sewer. The scope included excavation of test holes to verify the vertical location of the utilities within the project limits.

By utilizing the ASCE 38 Standard, the utility investigation results provided highly reliable utility data for future design and construction efforts. This also reduced the risk of construction delays due to potential utility impacts on a busy college campus.

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