TAC P3 Guideline for Utility Coordination Nearing Completion

This best practices document helps P3 projects with utility risk management. The draft TAC Guideline for Utility Coordination on Public Private Partnership (P3) Projects public comment period has just ended. The Guideline provides detailed workflows, checklists, and responsibilities by stakeholder to clarify and support the consistent application of Utility Coordination best practices across the project life cycle.

The recommendations included have been developed to allow project owners, ROW owners and Utility agencies to develop or enhance their Utility Coordination processes to improve project timelines, efficiency and risk management at each stage of project – from planning phase through post-construction phases. This best practices Guideline includes:

  • Standards for utility relocations, conflict matrix reporting, utility coordination plans, responsibility matrix, utility baseline documents, utility risk registry, and more.
  • Responsibilities are included for each stakeholder group, including; TA/CO (Technical Advisor/ Construction Oversight); Utility Agency; Project Owner, Planning Consultant, Project team, Project Proponents

Publication is expected in summer/fall 2020. The Guideline was started in 2017 and developed with input from municipalities, utilities, and consultants across Canada by the TAC Public Utilities Management Committee.

Lawrence Arcand, President of T2, is Chairman of the TAC Public Utilities Management Sub-Committee. He is pleased to have been involved in the writing of the Guideline. Contact us if you have questions about the TAC P3 Guideline.

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