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T2 Utility Engineers specializes in providing reliable underground and above-ground utility information to reduce the risks that utilities present for infrastructure projects. T2ue helps clients manage the complexity of existing utilities with our professional and comprehensive Subsurface Utility Engineering, Utility Coordination, and Surveying services.

Our mission is to provide project stakeholders with quality utility information, professional insight, and deliverables that streamline construction, improve project safety, and set the standard for the utility engineering industry. Since 1993, our reputation has been built on providing incomparable service based on high standards of technical ability and project understanding.

Our Services

Professional SUE investigations of below and above-ground utilities, using ASCE 38 engineering standards, provides the reliable information project owners/designers need to manage the impact of existing utilities on projects. Our professional consultants provide the technical insight and quality utility information you won’t get anywhere else.

Our Utility Coordination teams are the liaison between the project owners and developers, contractors, utility companies, and regulatory bodies to ensure utilities are addressed and utility conflicts are identified and mitigated, preferably during design. Our teams have the holistic knowledge and experience to manage the complex utility conflict resolution process, improving project constructability and reducing claims and delays due to utility impacts.

T2 Utility Engineers has provided specialized geospatial surveying and mapping services for decades. Our professional surveyors and field teams combine comprehensive geospatial expertise with local jurisdictional knowledge specifically customized to meet the unique needs of each project.

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