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Providing Comprehensive & Reliable Utility Information

Reliable underground and above-ground utility information is crucial for informed decision-making and the management of the risks related to existing utilities on infrastructure projects. T2 Utility Engineers specializes in a full range of utility infrastructure services to help project owners and designers improve project planning and constructability, reducing costly change orders and claims related to utilities.

Our comprehensive services address underground and above-ground utility systems. We identify and depict utility locations and attributes based on site conditions, and a clients risk tolerance, and can manage and mitigate utility conflicts and relocations to streamline planning, design, and construction. Contact us to talk about your needs.

What We Do

Underground utilities 3d model

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Utility Investigations

Professional standard - ASCE 38

Advanced technologies

CCTV inspection

Utility investigations by professionals, using professional standards

Professional investigation and analysis of below and above-ground utilities, using engineering standards, provides the reliable information project owners and designers need to manage the impact of existing utilities on projects to avoid costly problems during construction. Our professionals provide the technical insight and quality information you won’t get anywhere else.

Suspended utilities being protected during construction

Utility Coordination

Conflict identification and resolution

Utility agreements and permits

Utility relocation management

Stakeholder/utility owner engagement

Conflict Analysis, Solutions and Resolution

Utility relocations present the greatest potential for schedule delays on infrastructure projects. One of the primary goals of utility coordination is to minimize the need for relocations through early identification and communication with the project design team, reducing claims and expensive delays during construction. Engaging T2ue’s Utility Coordinators helps ensure a well-managed approach.

Land surveyor in open field


UAS / Terrestrial LiDAR

Right of Way

Topographic / Design


Reliable processes optimized for each project

T2 Utility Engineers provides specialized geospatial surveying and mapping services, applying professional judgment to provide site-specific surveys of above and below-ground features. From an initial boundary survey to establishing project control to a topographic design or subsurface utility survey needed to design your project, our professionals can meet the unique needs of each project.

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Project Experience

Whether we're teaming with engineering firms or working directly with project owners, you can count on T2ue's decades of experience and the quality of our deliverables adding value and reducing the delays and cost overruns related to existing utility risk. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and our experience with you.

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