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Experience Matters

Underground utilities present very real risks. A company’s experience plays a major role in the quality of the information and advice provided. Since 1993, when T2 Utility Engineers began offering Subsurface Utility Engineering services in the US and continuing today, T2ue has become a recognized leader in providing reliable information and professional insights to mitigate and manage utility-related risks for infrastructure projects.  

We are pleased to have been chosen as the trusted provider of Subsurface Utility Engineering, Utility Coordination, and Surveying services for thousands of infrastructure projects across the US and Canada to support clients in all market sectors.  

Whether we're teaming with engineering firms, working directly with project owners, or are part of a design-build team, you can count on T2ue's decades of experience and the quality of our deliverables adding value and reducing the delays and cost overruns related to existing utility risk. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and our experience with you. Contact us.

Transportation Projects

From the start of the company, T2 Utility Engineers has focused on transportation projects. We’ve provided comprehensive utility engineering services for thousands of highway and road projects for more than 35 DOTs, municipal, and provincial agencies. Our Subsurface Utility Engineering, Utility Coordination, and Surveying services have added value for major urban transit projects, as well as airports, ports, tunnels, and bridges across the US and Canada. In addition, we have extensive experience managing utility risk for Design-Build transportation projects.

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Water & Wastewater Projects

Municipalities and water districts engage T2ue for assistance with utility risk analysis and CCTV investigations. Our services help mitigate schedule delays and cost overruns due to existing utilities that weren't properly identified or accounted for in planning. We have supported hundreds of municipalities with their water infrastructure and facility improvement projects, including

  • wastewater treatment plants
  • large diameter pipeline
  • sewer rehabilitation
  • water line installations
  • pump stations

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Campus & Facility Projects

We have extensive experience working in campus environments, which often do not have accurate utility records or as-built information. Incomplete information creates tremendous uncertainty for campus expansions due to risk from potential design conflicts. Advanced geophysical technology, such as MCGPR, allows us to document underground utilities without surface disruption, reducing potential schedule delays and unanticipated expenses, saving money.

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Commerical & Industrial Projects

Large, complex projects are right up our alley. We conduct utility investigations for infrastructure expansion at industrial plants and other large commercial sites that have extensive underground utilities, and need increased certainty of their location to ensure safety and proper planning. T2 Utility Engineers' insight and the right equipment allows us to address unique site conditions. Experience does make a difference.

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Utility & Energy Projects

Utility and energy clients require very reliable subsurface utility information as well as required metrics and on-site safety procedures to ensure public safety. T2ue has the experience that utility and energy/pipeline companies trust. We are registered with IS Networld.

Design-Build Projects

Effectively managing, pricing, and allocating utility risk for design-build projects is central to project scheduling and cost. T2ue professionals specialize in SUE, UC, and surveying services and have proven processes to identify, mitigate and manage the risks associated with existing utilities. Owners and developers of all types of design-build projects have benefitted from having T2ue handle utility risk analysis and management as part of the D-B team.

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