T2ue Provides Services to Support Design-Build Infrastructure Projects

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue) provides a full range of professional Utility Engineering services to support all types of design-build infrastructure projects in the United States and Canada. Recognized as a leader in managing the risks associated with above-ground and sub-surface utilities, T2ue specializes in providing reliable utility information, professional insight, and high-quality deliverables.

Managing utility risk for design-build projects begins early, before the award of a project. We follow processes that are proven effective and vital to identifying, mitigating, and managing the risks associated with existing utilities.

Our Core Design-Build Services

Our Utility Coordination teams act as the liaison between the project developers, contractors, and utility companies to ensure utilities are addressed and utility conflicts are identified and mitigated, preferably during design.

Our core group of services for design-build projects include:

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Utility Coordination
  • Conflict analysis
  • Utility impact identification and analysis
  • Cost estimates
  • Relocation costing
  • Relocation scheduling
  • Memorandums of understanding /agreements review
  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Contract review for teams utility responsibilities
  • Risk registry input
  • Technical write-ups – mitigation plans
  • Full SUE and UC services for owners or developers of D-B, CMAR, P3, and Progressive Design- Build, or EPC projects

Why T2ue? Experience & Value

We’re here to provide utility engineering and surveying expertise to reduce utility-related risk on your next project. Our job is to reduce uncertainties and keep your project moving forward. With decades of experience, top-notch equipment and processes, you can be confident that your project will be handled with professionalism and given the attention to detail it deserves. The T2ue team has the holistic knowledge to successfully guide you through the complex utility conflict resolution process. We have backgrounds in utility design standards, roadway construction management and agency procedures. Combined with specialized communication skills and processes to navigate the complex processes involved with utilities, allowing your staff to focus on other project priorities.

Collaborative Approach

T2ue Utility Coordination teams proactively identify and mitigate as many utility conflicts as possible, working closely with the diverse range of stakeholders at each stage of the project. It takes diplomacy, skillful communication and negotiating skills, blended with technical knowledge to get utility owners and project owners to collaboratively address the tasks required for successful resolution and project delivery.  Our teams at T2ue are skilled at managing collaboration. We understand the importance of communicating and our role in engaging all stakeholders to identify the best resolution scenario. Equally important, we are easy to work with and generate successful outcomes for our clients.

Conflict Analysis

Utility Coordination (UC) allows for the early identification of utility conflicts using records information such as permit logs and utility records. An experienced team, like T2ue, will identify the potential for utility conflicts and work with the stakeholders to determine the most advantageous method to resolve the conflicts. Sometimes there is a need for further investigation such as SUE or Survey to have the information required to develop a comprehensive plan and strategies to reduce the number of utility unknowns during construction. We provide a full range of UC services to help ensure the constructability of your projects.

  • Identify utilities within the project area
  • Analyze and resolve utility conflicts
  • Coordinate with owners to develop recommendations
  • Recommend design revisions
  • Assist with relocation cost estimates
  • Prepare utility agreements
  • Establish and manage relocation schedules
  • Constructability reviews
  • Coordinate relocations
  • Create reports for stakeholders

Relocation and Resolution Management

Utility relocations, whether you plan for them or not, present the greatest potential for schedule delays on infrastructure projects. One of the primary goals of Utility Coordination is to minimize the need for relocations through early identification and communication with the project design team, reducing claims and expensive delays during construction. Engaging T2ue’s UC teams help ensure a well-managed approach to identifying and resolving the myriad utility systems within a project footprint so construction can progress smoothly.

Risk Analysis

Prior to award, it is important to not only identify potential utility conflicts and utility relocations but also to assess the risk associated with each conflict and associated resolution. Each of these risks can have a dramatic impact on schedule and cost. Accurately identifying and assessing the risk inherent to the conflicts and resolutions is a critical element to building equitable contract terms. T2ue’s Utility Coordinators and Managers are well versed and experienced in these front-end, pre-award processes that enable the design-build team to reduce their exposure to claims related to site conditions.

Technical Proposal Development

Understanding the RFP / RFQ requirements with regard to utilities can be an exhausting task. T2ue can review and assess these requirements to ensure that the design-build team knows their responsibility in relation to costing, agreements and liaison efforts with the project and utility owners. These vary greatly state by state. Our teams are experienced in providing assistance during the various phases of the proposal development.

  • Review of RFP requirements with regard to utilities and data provided
  • Evaluate known utility data and summarize for the team
  • Create a detailed utility matrix/impact analysis
  • Assist with design and construction sequencing related to utility impacts
  • Help identify mitigation opportunities
  • Confirm areas where mitigation is not possible
  • Write-ups and exhibits for utility portions of technical proposal
  • Assist in costing of relocations

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