Technology & On-Site Utility Coordination Inspectors Improve Georgia DOT Utility Permit Management

T2 is working closely with the Georgia DOT (GDOT) to implement an innovative approach to data capture that adds to their existing permitting system. T2 field staff provide additional boots-on-the-ground for the DOT, but the real value comes from our use of integrated digital technology that is enhancing the DOTs management of Right of Way corridors and providing digital tracking and mapping for utility permitting encroachments.

Using our mobile field data collection platform, T2 developed an application that allows the T2 Utility Inspectors to capture and upload a wide range of data to the cloud providing real-time documentation. This process is adding valuable information to the existing GDOT system and is reducing the time lag and potential for human error common in manual data entry. Information captured includes site photos, mapping with geolocation detail, and notes related to permitting. Inspectors also locate, document, and track utility maintenance items within the Rights of Way for more efficient resolution.

The Georgia DOT has recognized that the increase in field monitoring combined with improved data quality and on-demand information provided by this technology is a great improvement in the efficiency of inspections, compliance and timely resolution of issues. They plan to expand the program to multiple additional DOT Districts. T2 continues to innovate the Utility Inspector program to expand its capabilities and benefits.

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