The Importance of Daily “Field Sketches”

A field sketch captures the detail necessary to perform the quality assurance check that compares the daily field work against the subsequent survey and CAD plot of that field work. New technology for producing field sketches is introduced regularly.

T2 evaluates these technologies to see if there is an advantage that improves our process. Recent technologies include photo/video logging with survey accuracy; blue-toothing of designating equipment in real time with survey equipment; even drone capture of markings from far above. Regardless of the technology used, as part of our quality process, T2 requires the capture of each day’s field work. Sometimes, a field sketch takes on an added purpose. That was the case on a recent project where a City Maintenance Department did not coordinate with the City Engineering Department, and the streets upon which we placed designating marks were milled the night after the work was performed, erasing all the designations. In this case, the daily field sketch was a valuable tool to efficiently re-designate the project area. In summary, a field sketch serves multiple purposes, but most important is that it helps ensure that clients get a quality deliverable. It serves as the bridge between different kinds of field work and data processing. It is one of the important quality assurance checks our registered professionals perform on every project.

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