UAS/Drone LiDAR Data Collection Provides Project Benefits

T2ue’s recent purchase of the Harris H6 Hybrid drone with Riegl VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR sensor adds a new tool to our remote sensing toolbox. This new platform affords T2ue the ability to more rapidly mobilize to perform state- of-the art aerial LiDAR mapping for your project.

Rapid UAS LiDAR data collection for design survey

Our UAS and LiDAR configuration allows us to simultaneously gather highly accurate point cloud data along with high-resolution aerial imagery for inspection, construction monitoring, earthwork volumes, ALTA, disaster recovery, 3D topographic design surveys and many other applications. T2ue’s Harris H6 Hybrid drone with RIEGL VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR sensor is more mobile and cost effective than traditional aerial LiDAR equipped airplane and helicopter platforms, allowing us to survey both small and large project alike.

T2ue’s UAS platform captures current, high resolution imagery for your planning, monitoring and assessment needs (construction, inspection, monitoring)

T2ue’s high resolution imagery and video from our UAS platforms are ideal for construction monitoring, inspection, project planning (P&D & E), design, disaster documentation and accident surveys among other. The ease of mobilization with our drone platforms, allow us to be on your site with minimal lead time. Data capture using our drones provide high quality, high resolution imagery and video to capture complete detail of your site at a specific time and date you select and manage for your project. Added to the UAS imaging, our cutting edge RIEGL VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR Sensor obtains a point cloud which we can then register and extract for horizontal and vertical data for your project.

UAS platform allows access to challenging areas

Though UAS flights are limited by FAA regulation, their ability to capture complete design data is not impeded by physical boundaries or obstructions. UAS data collection is particularly well-suited for gathering information in areas of dense infrastructure and heavy vegetation or challenging terrain, which also improves project safety. Our team works with you to customize a flight plan to effectively acquire the data needed for your project.

Drones Improve Project Safety

Aerial LiDAR can improve project safety by minimizing the number of field technicians on the ground and reducing time spent on the project site. For higher risk sites, such as electrical switch yards, railroad corridors, pipelines, power lines, and roadways, remote sensing tools such as drones, allow high quality data to be obtained without physically accessing the site.

T2ue’s UAS platforms add the “POWER” into Man-POWER”

Equipped with a state-of-the-art RIEGL VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR Sensor specifically designed for UAS application, T2ue’s Harris H6 Hybrid drone puts the “POWER” into “Man-POWER”. Our UAS heavy lift Harris drone platform can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with traditional or ground based survey applications. The ease with which we mobilization and deploy our system significantly reduces survey field time over conventional surveying methods. The RIEGL VUX-1UAV22 LiDAR Sensor penetrates deep into dense cover significantly reducing obscure areas over other aerial platforms and LiDAR sensors. Our platform performs in locations mobile LiDAR cannot. Extraction of your data from the vast amount of captured data in our LiDAR point cloud can be tailored to your project and specific needs. Yet additional data if needed is available without further mobilization, unlike conventional survey methods improving production, schedule, profitability and safety for your project.

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