UESI Accreditation Program in Development

Public agencies have begun asking for qualifications to prove individual’s competence and knowledge of Utility Investigations and Utility Coordination, however, no industry standard certifications currently exist. UESI has begun actively working with ASCE’s certification entity to solve this problem.

The certifications program is timely with the recent publication of SUE for Municipalities, the update to ASCE 38, and the SHRP R15 Utility Conflict Matrix Implementation. Certifications under discussion include; Utility Investigation Professional (UIP), a Subsurface Utility Designator (SUD), and a Professional Project Utility Conflict Manager (PPUCM). It is likely that there will be both Professional (PE) and Technologist tracks for the PPUCM.

Accreditation is anticipated to consist of guided on-line courses, webinars, 40 hour on-site short courses, written testing, evidence of experience, and an oral or field exam. It is probable that each certification will require approximately 120 hours of training, equivalent to a Master’s degree program. The 40 hour ASCE/TTC Utility Investigation School curriculum, already taken by more than 50 PEs, PLS, and PGs, will likely form some of the basis for the UIP certification.

Details and timing are in development. For more information contact us.

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