City of Albuquerque Bus Rapid Transit

Street with utility designation markings and a repaired non-destructive utility test hole

Project Details

  • Location:
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  • Client:
    City of Albuquerque

Project Highlights

T2 provides Subsurface Utility Engineering for the city’s first urban transit system to use a dedicated guideway, achieving Gold Standard from the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Developed from start to finish with the vision of creating a more connected and vibrant Central Avenue corridor, the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project (ART) is the city’s first urban transit system to use a dedicated guideway. Its innovative alignment in a narrow corridor, off-board fare collection and 39 intersection treatments to give priority to transit vehicles, combined to make ART the first bus rapid transit (BRT) system in the United States to achieve the Gold Standard set by the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy.

In order to directly address service deficiencies, ART took the bold step of creating exclusive, center-running and bi-directional/reversible lanes for nearly 9 miles through the heart of Albuquerque along historic Route 66. The full range of BRT amenities, including innovative signaling technology, dynamic signage, and 16 miles of enhanced sidewalks, lighting and landscaping, elevated this project to one of the premier BRT projects in North America.

HDR was the prime lead for the ART project. As the HDR’s subcontractor for Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), T2 provided SUE services to increase the understanding of the underground utilities for project owners, utility owners, designers, engineers and contractors. The projected included full Subsurface Utility Engineering with complete mapping based on the ASCE 38-02 Standard.  T2 designated over one million feet of utility facilities. Utility companies included AT&T, Jones Cable, ABQ water authority, PNM electric, Century Link, Zayo Fiber Optic, and NM Gas Co. T2 also excavated 210 test holes by vacuum excavation for horizontal and vertical position of utilities, size, material and condition.

T2 delivered accurate mapping information of existing underground utilities, allowing the clients to make informed decisions, avoiding costly conflicts or project delays, and eliminate risk. T2’s depth of experience and resources enabled us to provide the clients with customized, cost-efficient solutions to meet the project needs.

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