LIDAR equipment photo

LIDAR Scanning

LIDAR data photo

T2 Utility Engineers utilizes state of the art laser scanning equipment, or LIDAR, to help in many aspects of Utility Engineering. This technology is used to provide detailed information on both above and below grade utility structures and appurtenances.

LIDAR, which stands for Light Imaging Detection And Ranging, is a process in which light is used to image objects. 3D Point Clouds are acquired from these scans creating realistic 3D models which can be used in many software applications. The data collected with the laser scanner, once processed, can be survey grade with great accuracy. The data can be incorporated directly into 3D CAD software.

T2ue uses laser scanning as an advanced technique for surveying tunnels, chambers, ducts and other underground features. Laser scanners are compact and portable, allowing their use in many applications. With their speed and accuracy, use of these scanners in confined conditions eliminates the need for confined space entry.

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