Utility mapping photo

Utility Locating & Mapping

Accurate, reliable utility locating and mapping is the foundation of all the services that we provide. Utilizing a variety of techniques, T2 Utility Engineers can create a complete map of your underground utility networks. T2ue typically follows the industry recognized best practice of using the ASCE 38-02 standard for mapping investigations. Our utility mapping investigations include a number of different steps and techniques.


  • Records Research;
  • Utility designating using electromagnetic pipe and cable locators, sondes, GPR;
    • Electromagnetic Pipe and Cable Locators – EM locators are important geophysical tools that are used to locate conductive utilities. We have a variety of EM locators and a highly trained staff that know how to use the equipment.
  • Utility locating using vacuum excavation equipment;
    • Vacuum Excavation – For locations where your project requires precise horizontal and vertical positions of existing subsurface utilities, T2ue utilizes vacuum excavation equipment to safely and effectively excavate test holes. T2ue utilizes a combination of both air based and hydro vacuum excavation equipment. The advantage of our air based vacuum excavation equipment is that it eliminates the need to haul backfill to the site and to remove the water/soil slurry that is created by water based units reducing the total time required. Air based equipment also reduces the risk of eroding soils adjacent to the exposed utility.
  • Investigation requiring confined space entry techniques CCTV and zoom cameras;
    • Confined Space Entry, LIDAR, CCTV and Zoom Camera – T2ue’s field crews have the training and equipment to collect your asset inventory data. Our training allows us to access confined spaces to collect pipe sizes, inverts, chamber measurements and any other required information. We also have state of the art camera equipment which can be lowered into manholes or vaults to take photos and videos to aid in information collection and condition assessments, eliminating the need to enter the confined spaces.
  • Surveying of aerial utilities, surface features and underground markings;
  • Deliverables are then produced in a variety of formats including, sketches, CAD to GIS.
    • Microstation, AutoCAD and ArcGIS – T2 Utility Engineers has the ability to process the utility information that we collect in a variety of formats. We have expertise in AutoCAD, MicroStation as well as a variety of GIS formats that allows us to put the field data into a format that can be used by project designers, owners and asset managers.

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