SUE Utility Mapping Process

The SUE Utility Mapping process is unique to each project and the scope of the investigation often evolves as the overall project progresses towards construction. For each project, T2 Utility Engineers Project Managers will identify what quality of utility information is required for the design, how best to collect the information and how to manage the information. While no project is the same, typically the following tasks will be performed:

Scope of Work

The process of developing a written project specific work plan that consists of scope of work, levels of service, project schedule and desired project deliverables. The work plan is agreed upon by T2ue and the client.

Record Research

The process of collecting and reviewing available utility records information within the project area.


The process of using surface geophysical methods to determine the presence of subsurface utilities and to mark their horizontal position on the ground surface.


The process of exposing and recording the precise horizontal and vertical position of subsurface utilities generally using vacuum excavation techniques.

Data Management

The process of surveying the utility information and presenting the information in a CADD or GIS format.

Conflict Analysis

The engineering process of using a conflict matrix to evaluate and compare collected utility information with the client’s proposed plans to identify and inform all stakeholders of potential conflicts, potential solutions and costs to solve the conflicts.

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